Recognized as artist for the first time in a while

April 12, 2024 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity

The MTA Arts & Design department released a book Contemporary Art Underground, about art they install. I felt honored that they invited me to the launch the other evening, especially because they gave name tags to everyone and specified “Artist” for those of us who created art for their program.

They didn’t make the designation big and showy, though during the talk, they asked all the artists to raise their hands. I may have been looking for what I wanted, but I sensed that we who raised our hands felt honored and appreciated. Here’s my name tag:

Sorry it got ripped before I took the picture. Here’s the invitation:

I wouldn’t call the event huge, but I’d guess a couple hundred people came and top people from the MTA and NYC Transit spoke:

I haven’t written much about my art here, nor created much, and my limited training in acting and improvisation are more relevant to my leadership work, but creating art changed my life and brought a lot out of me, so I’m going to use this occasion to share some links about some of my art activities, going back over a decade:

  • My art resume
  • A long-form interview of me (with long hair) on my art at a solo gallery show
  • Videos of my public art piece in Bryant Park, with the ITP program with NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts
  • A NY1 (news channel) video on my public art piece in Union Square with Parsons School of Design, the culmination of a course I taught there on art (amazing to me as someone whose training was a PhD in physics and an MBA)
  • More posts on the Union Square display, and a few more
  • The Director of MTA Arts for Transit, Sandra Bloodworth, spoke about Union Square in Motion in an interview

A lot of my art activity preceded this blog. Some day I’ll dig up my old records and keepsakes—showing in Art Basel Miami Beach, the museum pieces, the solo gallery shows, and so on. For now, I’m indulging in this post, recalling some of the highlights.

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