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The Science Book of the Decade: Energy and Human Ambitions on a Finite Planet, by Tom Murphy

on May 30, 2021 in Art, Education, Nature, Nonjudgment

I didn’t think of how small my building’s elevators were when I bought a sofa after moving into my current apartment. It didn’t fit. The deliverymen tried to bring it up the stairs too. They made the first landing, but couldn’t make the turn to go up the next flight. They had to take it back. I ended up paying a $300 restocking fee plus big tips for the deliverymen’s[…] Keep reading →

Dominion, the documentary

on May 23, 2021 in Art, Freedom, Nature, Stories

I watched the documentary Dominion on how the factory farm system treats animals. It’s brutal but important. It shows many graphic scenes so I know the link below won’t play inline, but the producers made it freely available. Click through to watch it online. I recommend watching Dominion when you’re ready for a sobering gut-punch you’ll wish you had watched earlier. Why I recommend it I last ate meat in[…] Keep reading →

If I ever write a novel, what I’ll write

on May 20, 2021 in Art, Creativity

I doubt I’ll ever write a novel, but if I do, a long time ago I thought of an idea. I’ve never told it to anyone. My idea is a full novel written on an almost momentary incident, written from several people’s perspectives, each in a different chapter. I generally think of writing it on a single pitch in a baseball game. The perspectives would be the pitcher, batter, catcher,[…] Keep reading →

459: Jonathan Hardesty, part 3: How to Continue a Sustainability Podcast

on May 14, 2021 in Art, Education, Nature, Podcast

Jonathan and I have a good rapport. We joke around. I love his expressiveness as an artist. I think he values stewardship more than he’s behaved so far in life, so I hear him enjoying aligning his behavior with his values. In this episode we review his leading his kids and wife in The Spodek Method from last time. You’ll hear touching family interactions. The I teach the second interaction[…] Keep reading →

Sometimes writing is peaceful and flows. Sometimes it takes work, toil, and struggle.

on April 24, 2021 in Art, Creativity, Habits

Before I had an outline and composition that worked for this book, I wrote a lot, but kept having to restart. I was spinning my wheels. Then I started working with a coach. She didn’t know anything about sustainability or stewardship, but she knew about writing. I could separate my two broad challenges—structure and content. By structure I mean the craft of writing, which included composition, time writing, focusing on[…] Keep reading →

The Story of Plastic Animated Short Video

on April 21, 2021 in Art, Nature, Visualization

Anyone who knows me knows I read and watch a lot on sustainability and the environment. Most of their information I already knew or I find they disengage people. The Story of Stuff team’s work stands apart, especially The Story of Plastic. I recommend watching all their videos, starting with the short below, since you’re here. Following last year’s panel on the awesome, tragic movie, The Story of Plastic, they’ve[…] Keep reading →

Progressing From DJs to Dirt

on April 15, 2021 in Art, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Stories

My first business was based on an invention of mine that looked amazing—an optical device that animated still images to people in motion. For the business, we installed them on subway tunnel walls to show ads to riders between stations, sharing revenue with the subway system, before everyone had animation devices in their pockets. Outside the business, I also explored the medium as an art with properties unlike any other,[…] Keep reading →

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