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Man Ray, the great artist, on his greatest satisfaction

on January 25, 2021 in Art, Creativity

I found a video I saved from ten or fifteen years ago, when I was showing my art in galleries and museums while backing up my hard drive—the closing minutes of a documentary on Man Ray. At the time I was watching all the videos on artists I could find at the library. For those who don’t know him, he was big. From Wikipedia: He was a significant contributor to[…] Keep reading →

431: I sang every day for two months, unplugged (still going)

on January 20, 2021 in Art, Podcast

What do you do if you use less power? No social media? No listening to music? No TV? Sound like a fate worse than death? Inspired by guests on my podcast who find amazing activities to live by their environmental values, I committed to turning off all my electronics to sing every day. I’ve almost never sung in my life beyond Happy Birthday and The Star Spangled Banner so I’m[…] Keep reading →

Emotions following a summer of BLM, a winter of insurrection, and ongoing pandemic

on January 15, 2021 in Art

This version of this song has brought me to tears lately, no exaggeration. I like the images in this video: Reconciliation and cleaning up The song is about the opposite of division. It’s about generosity. Not that one video will heal much, but I hope it helps. Many voices are speaking loudly in America today. I don’t hear a single one that speaks for me or nearly anyone I know,[…] Keep reading →

Sketch for book or TV series introduction

on January 4, 2021 in Art, Creativity

I’ve mentioned working on my book, which I intend to translate into video somehow—TV, movie, net, not sure. I’m at least a hundred pages into the first draft. I’m going to start sharing what I’d call sketches here of parts of the book that I think stand on their own. I’d love your thoughts. Any book I write needs to be personal, so I have to introduce myself. Experience has[…] Keep reading →

Mastery illustrated

on December 30, 2020 in Art, Creativity, Visualization

What does it mean to master a field? It comes from practicing, performing, reflecting, and practicing more. The result is liberation and freedom. Self-expression. Seeing mastery happen before your eyes Everyone who masters anything goes through a similar process that includes inexperience, looking less than amateurish, practicing, reflection, self-doubt, despair, progress, regress, anxiety, improvement, moving backward, mentoring, and so on. Years ago I found a site that showed the sketches[…] Keep reading →

Want to play Carnegie Hall?

on December 11, 2020 in Art, Education

Want to play Carnegie Hall? . . . or your equivalent—meaning performing at your peak level? If so, the question of how to make it there is not what notes do you play but how to get there. The answer is to practice, practice, practice. Play your scales. Run drills. Rehearse. Mastery takes work, time, discipline, pain, and such. Mastery delivers those things too. It’s worth it to master a[…] Keep reading →

I confess I don’t get a lot of poetry

on September 12, 2020 in Art, Creativity

I’m reading a book of poetry a friend just published. I like a few poems—generally the big ones like Ozymandias and Sonnet 116. I haven’t read much Whitman, but occasionally a work of his has drawn me in and enthralled me. The year I lived in Paris I saw a live performance of Rimbaud’s Une Saison en Enfer in French, though my French wasn’t great so it lost me quickly.[…] Keep reading →

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