Rock star drummer and podcast guest Go Alan Go made my day Sunday

March 5, 2024 by Joshua
in Art, Creativity, Doof

Sunday was the first sunny and warm day of the year, reaching nearly 70 degrees (21C). That’s unseasonably warm for the beginning of March, but only compared to the past. Compared to future Marches, it’s cool.

I spent the morning on the roof, charging the battery. I knew I wanted to head to the park, but feared what I knew I’d see: piles of garbage. People don’t just go to the park. They don’t prepare food for a picnic there. They don’t go and wait to eat until mealtime. They stop at a restaurant or convenience store along the way and bring prepackaged or takeout food or doof with disposable utensils, disposable bags, disposable napkins, and other disposable stuff.

Still, I braved it and went to the park. As I approached the middle, I heard the drumming that could only be podcast guest “Go Alan Go.” He was in fine form, rocking the crowd. Many were dancing. I stayed to listen for a few songs.

He undid the dread I felt for the garbage I saw as predicted. Between songs I went up to say he made my day. He had me call that out to the crowd, which I was happy to. Then he told them about my living off the grid and living more sustainably. Then I had him call out that he was on my podcast and for them to listen to the episode.

Here’s that episode for you. If you like people doing wholesome things that bring people together, you’ll love it:

I took a few videos of him playing. Then I went to the library. On my way back, he was still playing, but to a bigger crowd. He got them screaming, cheering, and waving their hands in the air. My phone battery was dead so you have to take my word that it was more impressive than these videos.

I remarked to a guy next to me, “I’ve never seen a drummer get people singing along and cheering like that. Singers and guitarists, yes, but not drummers.” We talked a bit since Alan created a mood of everyone feeling groovy. There’s no other way to put it.

Still, there was all that garbage.

The Garbage

I only had the heart to take a few pictures and these cans were only partly overflowing. Others were surrounded by trash on the ground. As usual, effectively all the trash was doof and food packaging. Nearly nothing healthy, everything needless, wasteful expenses.

Here’s a guy sleeping amid trash, again not nearly as much as others:

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