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More syringes in our shared world and addicted culture: Philadelphia, August 2023

on September 19, 2023 in Addiction, Doof

Please tell me there’s another way to see it: The way we as a culture consume doof and chase comfort and convenience over meaning and purpose, people using heroin, fentanyl, and other serious drugs aren’t an aberration from our culture, they’re it’s future. They aren’t behaving qualitatively different than, say, someone who buys from McDonald’s, Trader Joe’s, or other doof place. They differ only quantitatively. I don’t blame any of[…] Keep reading →

Population, Energy Consumption, and how to Limit Pollution

on September 16, 2023 in Addiction, Nature

People act like humans managing our population is some new idea. People have been able to manage our population as long as we’ve been human. When there’s more energy and resources, people have bigger families. America’s westward expansion followed by its extracting and burning fossil fuels created the material conditions for fast growth. In westward expansion, arable land was a proxy for energy since plants converted sunlight into energy people[…] Keep reading →

The electric company is texting me to use less electricity, but I’m using none. Stop wasting so much, people.

on July 28, 2023 in Addiction, Freedom, Nature

I closed my account with Con Ed since I wasn’t using their power, but apparently Americans are too entitled and can’t stop themselves. They’re complaining and unhappy. I wish I could help them enjoy life more, but the technology they thought brought them comfort and convenience seems to have made them less resilient, happy, healthy, or safe and more addicted, dependent, and petulant. I prefer freedom to addiction, which I[…] Keep reading →

The Sacklers must be looking at social media and doof companies with envy.

on July 27, 2023 in Addiction, Doof

You probably know the Sackler name, but if you don’t, the Sackler family pushed the opiate Oxycontin on an unsuspecting public, playing the largest role in the opiate crisis that has led to millions of addictions and deaths. They avoid admitting wrongdoing and avoid prosecution through legal wrangling that looks like it’s abusing the legal system in a way rich people can. Meanwhile, doof makers addict people with substances derived[…] Keep reading →

Where Artificial Intelligence will go and why (it’s not where everyone is saying)

on July 18, 2023 in Addiction, Freedom

ChatGPT is surprising everyone with what it can do, how far beyond expectations, and in so many areas. Where will artificial intelligence go next? What will it do? Whom will it affect and how? It’s hard for people who didn’t live when people viewed beating a human at chess as absolutely impossible for computers, let alone playing a decent game. Today we can only conceive of chess as something computers[…] Keep reading →

At last, I dropped my electrical utility account

on July 14, 2023 in Addiction, Freedom, Stories

Despite using zero watts over more than a year, I’ve been paying over $20 per month for an electric bill. Part of it was to a power company that uses more wind and solar that charged me a monthly fee of another $6 or so. The other part was $17 a month to Con Ed, the power company, simply for being connected to the grid, not even using power. I[…] Keep reading →

Looking to Silicon Valley, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Washington DC, or Academia for sustainability solutions is like looking to the Sacklers for opiate addiction solutions

on July 14, 2023 in Addiction, Education

The title says it all: Looking to Silicon Valley, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Washington DC, or Academia for sustainability solutions is like looking to the Sacklers for opiate addiction solutions. The Sacklers know how to increase opiate use. They profit from it. They know how to increase sales. They know how to rationalize and justify addicting and hurting people so they can feel good hurting people. They have convinced themselves[…] Keep reading →

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