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How sustainability couldn’t be simpler

on May 17, 2023 in Addiction, Nature

The longer and more I reduce my polluting, depleting activities, the simpler sustainability becomes. I guess that clarity comes with overcoming most addictions: If you do something that kills people and you don’t want to kill people, you have to stop doing it, even if you like it, even if everyone around you is doing it. How much simpler can it get? When you stop, you gain the credibility, character,[…] Keep reading →

Our World: The first I learned of addiction affecting friends of the family, Cocaine, 1985

on May 4, 2023 in Addiction

I’ve long remembered from my childhood in Philadelphia a story appearing in the paper about a family where the son was doing cocaine and the parents in denial. I remember it because my mom knew the family. Also because it was a big story about cocaine, which was less common in the news, let alone about a well-to-do family. I’ve thought about it recently because of the parallels with people’s[…] Keep reading →

My ChatGPT predictions

on April 27, 2023 in Addiction

People keep asking me my predictions on ChatGPT. Here are some so far. Top level: Lower level: Of course:

Clean, green, renewable imperialism

on April 26, 2023 in Addiction

When a culture doesn’t live within its means, looks beyond its borders to fill the gap, and starts figuring out how to take others’ resources, it’s likely to become imperialist. Our so-called clean, green, renewable energy sources like wind and solar (that aren’t renewable) require materials most countries lack. They have to obtain them elsewhere. Before a few decades ago, no place with cobalt was mining cobalt in large amounts[…] Keep reading →

How I answer “What’s one thing everyone can do to start acting more sustainably?”

on April 14, 2023 in Addiction, Nature

Every interviewer asks like a robot: “What’s one thing everyone can start with?” For context, people don’t pollute and deplete because they want to pollute. We do things we value and enjoy that our culture has made polluting and depleting necessary to do. Our culture has also engineered those activities to trigger the mechanisms of addiction. We are addicted to doof, social media, flying, etc. We don’t think of flying[…] Keep reading →

What Addiction to Polluting and Depleting Behavior Means

on April 10, 2023 in Addiction, Visualization

If I claim that we’re addicted to comfort, convenience, flying, and disposable diapers, what’s the problem if we don’t realize it? If addiction isn’t that bad and ending it seems to make life worse, why not keep flying? Addiction leads to short-term thinking. We don’t think past the next hit when we expect one or past withdrawal if we don’t. We have trouble imagining a better life without those hits.[…] Keep reading →

Embracing and celebrating our limits makes life constructive. Otherwise you crave what you can’t get.

on April 8, 2023 in Addiction, Freedom, Tips

We can’t create more time or energy. We get what we get. It doesn’t matter how much you want twenty-five hours in a day. You don’t get them. Not if you’re rich or connected either. Likewise with energy. There is only so much energy available. People can dream of unlimited energy, but they still have to eat and fill their car with gas because their energy runs out. Our culture[…] Keep reading →

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