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More syringes in our shared world and addicted culture: Philadelphia, August 2023

on September 19, 2023 in Addiction, Doof

Please tell me there’s another way to see it: The way we as a culture consume doof and chase comfort and convenience over meaning and purpose, people using heroin, fentanyl, and other serious drugs aren’t an aberration from our culture, they’re it’s future. They aren’t behaving qualitatively different than, say, someone who buys from McDonald’s, Trader Joe’s, or other doof place. They differ only quantitatively. I don’t blame any of[…] Keep reading →

Why so many cars with no mufflers?

on September 8, 2023 in Doof, Education

Another evening in Manhattan, meaning more cars going by without mufflers, or with mufflers modified to make a lot of noise. I remember the trend beginning during the pandemic: I guess people modified their mufflers to make random BANG! BANG! noises. I think the trend started or expanded during the pandemic because police stopped enforcing so many laws then. Why unmuffle cars? I doubt they change the car’s performance. I[…] Keep reading →

Solutions to Food Waste

on September 6, 2023 in Doof

I wish I could express the dismay I feel at seeing how much good food people throw away. Or, for that matter, how much people claim eating like I do costs more, often from the same people. I don’t see how not throwing away food costs more than throwing away food. Maybe exasperation as much as dismay. Anyway, my (partial) solutions to food waste: If you buy food, eat it.[…] Keep reading →

Petty Authority

on August 26, 2023 in Doof, Humor, Leadership

Regular readers know I volunteer to deliver overstocked perfectly good food from stores that would throw it away to a community fridge and pantry for anyone to take for free (there’s a fair amount of doof in it). I do it mainly to reduce waste to landfills, with feeding people as a bonus. It replaces watching TV, browsing the web, or feeding a social media addiction. I don’t understand how[…] Keep reading →

The Sacklers must be looking at social media and doof companies with envy.

on July 27, 2023 in Addiction, Doof

You probably know the Sackler name, but if you don’t, the Sackler family pushed the opiate Oxycontin on an unsuspecting public, playing the largest role in the opiate crisis that has led to millions of addictions and deaths. They avoid admitting wrongdoing and avoid prosecution through legal wrangling that looks like it’s abusing the legal system in a way rich people can. Meanwhile, doof makers addict people with substances derived[…] Keep reading →

LGBTQ+ People’s Garbage and Leaving It Worse Than You Found It: The Pride and Queer Liberation Marches 2023

on June 26, 2023 in Doof, Nature, Visualization

Here’s a preview of my annual pictures of Washington Square Park after the Pride March and Queer Liberation March. More pictures and commentary below. Also, pictures from last year: After the Pride and Queer Liberation Marches 2022: Washington Square Park wrecked again. I could cry. and the year before: “Pride Destroyed the Park”, Washington Square Park after a parade (Video). The camera can’t capture the smell of urine and already-rotting[…] Keep reading →

First outdoor holiday of the year, filling Washington Square Park, my back yard, with garbage

on April 20, 2023 in Doof, Nature

April 20th is the cannabis holiday and Washington Square Park attracts people celebrating it. I have no problem with people growing a psychoactive plant and smoking it. I think it’s legal anyway. But trashing our shared environment becoming standard for every occasion is tragic. I could cry. Plastic doesn’t break down on human time scales. Unlike, say, fruit peels that become plants later, the doof wrappers everyone dumps make their[…] Keep reading →

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