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If Columbus statues should be removed, what about our behavior today?

on March 3, 2022 in Nonjudgment

You’ve likely read that many places are taking down statues of Columbus. Here’s a CBS News story from 2020, Dozens of Christopher Columbus statues have been removed since June. There are plenty of stories explaining why. The story above says, Protests have targeted Columbus because he is accused of the genocide of indigenous people. A 2019 study published in the journal Quaternary Science Review estimated that between 1492 and 1600,[…] Keep reading →

Nuclear and renewables look like methadone

on February 27, 2022 in Nature, Nonjudgment

I wrote how I found someone’s suboxone and syringes on a picnic table in the park a few weeks ago. I had to look up suboxone. It’s like methadone. I didn’t really know what methadone was, but knew the name better than suboxone so I’ll describe methadone, then connect it to sustainability. Here’s what it does: How Methadone Works When people become addicted to heroin, they crave the drug so[…] Keep reading →

Liberals: get your stories straight, part 1: individual ability and responsibility.

on February 26, 2022 in Leadership, Models, Nonjudgment, Perception

I’ll start with a liberal inconsistency relevant to sustainability, not that they monopolize them or are the most egregious, but I have to start somewhere. Mention anything related to my environmental footprint or personal action to many liberals and I’d better prepare for them to lecture me on how BP publicized the concept to deflect blame from them to individuals, or some similar reason why their or my actions don’t[…] Keep reading →

When does a human life begin when we can clone?

on February 23, 2022 in Choosing/Decision-Making, Nature, Nonjudgment

Does a human life begin at conception or some time after? I can see arguments for at conception, at birth, and some time between. I believe most people today would be horrified at it, but I think when infant mortality was higher, people wouldn’t consider a life viable until after a few days or even years. Various cultures have traditions that mark the beginning of life well after birth. What[…] Keep reading →

A chapter of my life, in the words of a massively bestselling author

on January 30, 2022 in Nonjudgment, Relationships, Stories

Regular readers of my blog and listeners of my podcast know that before I started coaching executives and leading famous people and after decades of struggling with social and emotional skills, limiting my intimacy, especially with women, I dove headlong into learning attraction skills. I shared about it in depth in my Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll series on my podcast, where I was the guest, particularly the episode[…] Keep reading →

What God meant by fruitful and dominion.

on January 25, 2022 in Models, Nonjudgment

Major cultural touchstones and motivators for many people to growing material production, sales, and population are the words “be fruitful and multiply” and “have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” People nearly universally misunderstand both parts. You can be fruitful by living a sweet life and you can multiply by multiplying happiness.[…] Keep reading →

More places I’d be killed for just being me

on January 21, 2022 in Nonjudgment

I wrote recently about the two biggest chips on my shoulder, one of them being that when I describe challenges I’ve faced, people keep saying that I’ve had an easy life, I think because they see a straight white male in the United States. When I talk to people who have lost limbs or eyesight, which seem pretty significant losses, they don’t talk that way. The ones who tell me[…] Keep reading →

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