How sweet vegetables have become. They used to taste bland.

January 16, 2024 by Joshua
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Vegetables have been blowing me away with their sweetness lately.

For years since stopping consuming doof nearly completely, I’ve been finding fresh produce increasingly delicious. I usually say how I used to consider Ben and Jerry’s delicious and apples relatively bland. Now apples taste sweeter than ice cream ever did.

In time, more vegetables have come to taste sweeter than fruit used to. I don’t think their composition changed. I think that my taste buds grow more sensitive—or rather less saturated—so I’m more sensitive to their sugars.

Lately broccoli and cauliflower have come to taste sweet and juicy. A couple months ago I tasted a slice of cucumber and it knocked me speechless. I used to think of cucumbers as bland, like crunchy green water. This time I tasted mango-level flavors. It didn’t taste like a mango, it just had that amount of flavor.

I’m writing now because a yellow pepper tasted like candy, better than any candy I’ve tasted. Do I sound like I’m overstating things? I’m just floored by how much flavor I’m sensing in vegetables, especially sweetness. I also barely salt things yet taste more salt flavor.

I wish I’d stopped consuming doof earlier. More sweetness, less sugar and more salt flavor, less salt is amazing.


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