How much can you change your taste?

February 18, 2011 by Joshua
in Awareness, Blog

“Free food tastes better,” someone said to me. It rang true. I immediately added the corollary “free alcohol tastes better too.”

I thought it resonated with me because I was a graduate student for so long. Then I noticed something at a fancy gallery opening with art selling for tens of thousands of dollars. Normally galleries serve wine, sometimes another alcohol if they have a sponsor. At this opening they were serving cans of Budweiser and everyone — rich people and social elites — was drinking it. I’m sure some people love the taste of it, but I’m more sure if these people were at a fancy bar paying for their drinks not a single one of them would order Budweiser.

Yet there they were, happily drinking it, and not ironically.

Free food and alcohol taste better. You don’t have to be a poor graduate student to indulge.

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