Saturday morning syringes in the park

January 15, 2024 by Joshua
in Addiction, Doof

A reminder: my point in posting about syringes and addiction is less about the people addicted to hard drugs and more about our culture of huge parts of America (and many other nations) addicted. Addiction to social media, doof, fast fashion, driving, wearing shorts inside in the winter and sweaters in the summer, and everything else is addiction too.

Regarding syringes, I’m writing:

  • 15 percent the people using them
  • 10 percent other people equally addicted to doof, fast fashion, and so on even if legal, and
  • 75 percent our culture that promotes addiction

I saw the syringes below about 9:30am Saturday on the way to the library to write. The people I saw in the encampments and on Sixth Avenue nearby were staggering around more than usual. I presume a shipment came in recently and they were indulging.

If you use social media, fly, consume doof, etc more than you want, you’re probably addicted. If so, I’m writing about you, not to judge or accuse, but to show how you look to people who aren’t addicted. If you want people taking fentanyl and tranq in the park on a Saturday at sunrise to get free from their addictions, you probably want yourself free from addiction. You can do it.

Let’s not kid ourselves that most Americans are any different. I also saw lots of regular people walking around carrying disposable coffee cups and other garbage-in-the-making. All the while hundreds of people passed by in cars and likely flew overhead in planes. They’re just as addicted to convenience and hurting the rest of us more with their disposable garbage and food and doof flown from around the world.

I wish I saw even one person enjoying fresh local produce like apples.

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