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Some of my trash from the 1970s and 1980s

on January 13, 2024 in Stories, Visualization

I haven’t filled a load of trash in my apartment since 2019. This week I cleaned out my stuff from my father’s basement. It turns out he put stuff there after I went to college. He didn’t tell me and I forgot about it. I wish I’d known about it between then and now, but didn’t. I’m saving some and giving some away through Craigslist (putting it back in circulation,[…] Keep reading →

More undignified trashed Christmas pagan trees. January 13, almost done?

on January 13, 2024 in Nature, Visualization

Just after my last post on the waste and disgust of Christmas Pagan trees being thrown away, I saw tons more. Look at how something to celebrate the birth of their lord, savior, and messiah they throw into the gutter. Stay classy, Christians! Want to bet if there will be enough more to come for a future post? More, each telling its own story of death, pollution, and garbage. The[…] Keep reading →

More shameful-looking trashed Christmas pagan trees. It’s only January 10, so likely more to come.

on January 10, 2024 in Habits, Nature, Visualization

Why do people pay to chop down so many trees for pagan-based rituals? I mean, I know the answer is tradition, even if the tradition is opposite to what they purport to believe, but when will their consciences kick in, or their intelligence or compassion? I have nothing against any of the religions involved, Christianity, paganism, capitalism, patriotism, etc, but I have a lot for sustaining an environment that can[…] Keep reading →

Image ideas for my book cover

on December 16, 2023 in Visualization

What images might represent our time best? Here are some images I’ve thought of while considering the cover for my book. Just ideas. Not sure how likely I go with any. Still, I think they represent our times well. References: Planet of the Apes’ final scene: Hudson River School paintings: Babies drinking from bottles that could be labelled Coca-Cola, Oxycontin, heroin, or Exxon: Rosie the Riveter: A four-legged stool that[…] Keep reading →

Setting up solar panels on my roof in about a minute

on December 1, 2023 in Habits, Nature, Visualization

Since people are asking me since the Daily Show segment See the Daily Show’s segment on me: “Is it Possible to Live “Off the Grid” in Manhattan?” how I live, I’m posting some of what I do. Keep in mind the number one most important start is a mindset shift, then continual improvement. When you have an attitude that you can do it, you figure the technology out. It took[…] Keep reading →

I will stake my floor as clean as anyone’s, but the sponge I clean it with is nearing the end of its life

on November 27, 2023 in Habits, SIDCHAs, Visualization

I contend that my floor is as clean as any you’ll find. One of my sidchas (maybe standard operating procedure) is that I clean it every six days as part of my six-day exercise cycle. I used to clean it before lifting, but realized I get on the floor more for my Turkish Get-ups so clean before it. I’ve gotten complements on my floor’s cleanliness, which comes despite how much[…] Keep reading →

Thanksgiving, Wine, Moderation, and More Appreciation

on November 23, 2023 in Tips, Visualization

The BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) found that wine glasses hold seven times more volume today than 300 years ago. Do we enjoy wine more or just more wine? I see people plow through volumes of food and doof without appreciating it. I contend we can attain as much enjoyment with the smaller amount. Not just wine, the whole Thanksgiving dinner. How? Expect to drink less but to appreciate the[…] Keep reading →

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