Our culture: spring trash. Homeless don’t cause it as much as executives, elected officials, shareholders, and rich people

July 4, 2024 by Joshua
in Addiction, Nature, Visualization

Litter isn’t a result of too little sanitation. It’s too much production and people still buying it.

I’ve meant to post these pictures since I took them in the spring. I took them on a regular day. If you think cities mean more garbage, our per-capita environmental impact is less than Americans who live outside cities.

If you think this garbage and treatment of public property is disgusting, as I do, see not the results of homeless people but of corporate leaders and elected officials prompting its production and rich people paying for the extraction and depletion causing it.

Just because you can’t see car, cargo ship, and airplane exhaust, or the packaging for your shipped goods doesn’t mean it’s not far greater than the garbage and pollution in these pictures. If you’re not homeless and you live in the U.S., you probably pollute far more than what you see here.

If you believe the people whose hands put this litter here can pollute less, you can too.

Here are more images. See how fast you can find the syringe.

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