My Cell Phone Battery and Time Use

February 19, 2024 by Joshua
in Habits, Visualization

I joke that my favorite phone app is airplane mode, but I like it. Still, my phone’s hot spot is my only internet connection at home, so I’m using it now, but I’ll put it on airplane mode after posting.

I looked up how to take a screen shot and took shots of my battery and time use for the past ten days. I think they were usual days so probably represent regular usage.

By battery use

Here’s the the breakdown of battery use by app (taken while in airplane mode, I notice). “Libby” is the library’s app, through which I listen to audio books. Since I turn off screens while eating, listening to books works for me. So does books being free from the library.

I wonder what apps I recently deleted. I try to minimize how many I have. The flashlight I use for home lighting.

By time use

Here’s how long I used each app over the past ten days. I don’t know why it doesn’t list any time for Personal Hotspot.

Now you know how I spend my time and battery use on the phone. I’m curious what other people’s uses look like.

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