What a way to honor Gandhi

February 24, 2024 by Joshua
in Nature, Visualization

I recently watched Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi movie. I often pass the Gandhi statue around the corner from my home in Union Square. The other day I saw that someone honored Gandhi’s legacy with an empty beer can at his feet.

I’m sure Gandhi would have loved the tribute.

Or maybe our culture could use reminding of its lost values of stewardship and personal responsibility that might restore meaning and purpose to our lives. I mean, I could be wrong: maybe throwing empty cans from beer drunk in a park at the foot of statues honoring historical figures who advanced freedom, equality, democracy, and compassion improves the world more than I imagine.

Maybe I’m rushing to judgment. Maybe the empty can and the Staples store in the background better represents today’s culture and Gandhi’s legacy isn’t relevant any more. After all, the can is recyclable which in mainstream culture means it’s clean, green, and renewable. And Staples sells things that we can’t do without, hence the name Staples? If the store has been there for years, it’s benefiting the market and us, right?

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