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Litter Hurts

on March 27, 2021 in Nature

Spring is here. Flowers are blooming. Buds are forming on branches. People are showing off the spring clothes they’ve waited months to show off. The parks are full. I’d guess about a third to half the people, depending on time of day, are carrying a plastic bag and other disposable stuff, often food and doof packaging. By noon, all the trash cans are overflowing with packaging. People blithely eat takeout[…] Keep reading →

Don’t call plastic “green space”

on March 25, 2021 in Nature

Speaking of Washington Square Park, I want to call attention to the children’s hills in the south west corner. Everyone agrees kids benefit from playing in nature, like in woods, on trees, in rivers and oceans, and on grassy spaces. Notice anything wrong with this picture of that space? The kids look like they’re having fun. The trees look like trees. Does the grass look a little too green? Does[…] Keep reading →

Year 6, day 1 since I last flew

on March 23, 2021 in Habits, Nature

A bit over six years ago I learned that flying New York-L.A. round trip coach warmed the globe about a year’s worth of driving. The next trip I took by plane, I lost sleep about my personal contribution. I challenged myself to try a year without flying. My TEDx talks describe my struggle with the challenge, since I thought family, work, adventure, and so on depended on it. But I[…] Keep reading →

Starting month 5 With My Fridge Unplugged

on March 21, 2021 in Freedom, Nature

I unplugged my fridge November 22, meaning tomorrow begins my fifth month with it unplugged. Here’s a podcast post describing why. It’s not to save energy, though it does, but to develop resilience. I opened it to take a picture and am slightly embarrassed to show that mildew has grown, but that happens when it’s not running. I’ll clean it before I plug it back in and put food back[…] Keep reading →

Family Planning Success Stories From Around the World (mostly videos)

on March 20, 2021 in Nature

Through voluntary, noncoercive, even fun ways, enabling couples to decide their family sizes, many nations have lowered population growth leading to prosperity, abundance, and stability. Think the opposite of the One Child Policy or eugenics. Most of us don’t know these success stories. Many people would have considered such changes impossible, including myself until recently, or would have thought it resulted from a so-called demographic transition that resulted from economic[…] Keep reading →

Vertical farms illustrate the problem with fusion

on March 17, 2021 in Nature

You’ve probably heard of vertical farms—growing crops indoors stacked as high as the entrepreneur builds. Indoors allows year-round growing, growing near where people live, saving transportation costs and pollution. It allows hydroponics and related techniques, reducing resource use. They light plants with LEDs with frequencies optimized for each plant. Despite these advantages, they face several limitations. So far, only high water, low calorie plants like lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs have[…] Keep reading →

Learned helplessness and managing population

on March 16, 2021 in Models, Nature

Martin Seligman is known as the father of positive psychology. In his words, “when I started, psychology was all about fear, conflict, struggle, and competition. I was part of movement that changed it to be also about meaning, control, love, engagement, accomplishment, success, and hope.” He started that change by chance. In 1967, studying depression and responses to challenges, he discovered an unexpected result in dogs. He had administered an[…] Keep reading →

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