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September 5, 2017 by Joshua
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With thousands of posts, where do you begin? I recommend scanning the archives.

Here are some favorites, in no particular order:

Self-imposed daily challenging healthy activities (sidchas)


Cold showers

Avoiding food packaging

I swam across the Hudson River

Videos and a short history of my invention and Submedia, the company I co-founded in 1999

Avoiding stuff

I Haven’t Eaten for 3 Days and It’s Amazing

Reviews of my cooking

More than a year since I emptied my garbage

Technology won’t solve environmental issues and you know it

Don’t Call It a “Carbon” Tax

The End of Ethics

My reviews of podcasts I’ve been on

Press and media on me and my projects

The longer I go without flying, the more people talking about flying sounds like they’re talking about heroin.

Which is easier, freeing slaves or not using disposable bottles?

I walked into a live minefield

The bigger your achievement, the more it’s a beginning

Reviews of my entrepreneurship course, which are stellar

Charlie Rose style conversations with graduates of my courses

Mind-blowing learning that works: Self-Directed Education

Independence from garbage, even on my body

Life lessons from 1883 Montana

Resources and inspirations

If you miss one day, you can miss two. If you miss two, it’s all over.

I rowed a marathon today

My mom’s first marathon at 67

A summary of my North Korea videos

Leadership Step by Step: the book page

I have low standards the first time

How I Learned To Start Every Day With Purpose

Would you rather eat ice cream or exercise?

Nelson Mandela on sidchas

Enron Environmentalism

My take on the New York Times Ethicist column

My passion-attraction model

My big public art piece in Union Square

My big public art piece in Bryant Park

My Leaders in Software and Art video

Why Minimalism Should Be Called Maximalism

Still in love

Leadership and the Environment one-page description for guests

Remember the “Crying Indian” Anti-Litter Ads From the 70s? You’ll Cry More at Our Pollution Levels Today (Inc.)

My morning routine featured on

I started business school 23 days after deciding to apply

Speaking authentically, Martin Luther King Junior, Muhammad Ali, and Vietnam

Introversion and extraversion are bankrupt, counterproductive concepts

Everybody gets 15 minutes

My 20-minute vegetable stew

365 days without flying

Inquiry-driven project-based learning rocks

Ten days with no internet, phone reading, writing, or talking

I plogged on TV with the Doctor and the Diva

I’m famous for plogging! See me pick up litter while I run on local news.

The most effective self-awareness exercise I know

A free gift from me

My new graphic slogans

Avoiding fiber-removed food

My 6-pack abs at 45 years old

Personal rowing record: 5,016 meters in 20 minutes

999,316 meters

Blurbs and endorsements for Leadership Step by Step

Everybody cares about the environment until they want to see the Eiffel Tower

People join good projects and leave bad managers

I love Greenwich Village

The five times I was mugged growing up

I was mugged at knifepoint in Amsterdam

You have two choices in life

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