People care about the environment. They want to act but feel frustrated and discouraged.

Yet I’ve found that respecting and protecting the environment brings joy, meaning, and purpose.

Leaders help create meaning and purpose. Creating it for acting on the environment has become my passion—not raising awareness or talking, but acting.

This podcast is starting that leadership, changing the system’s goals and beliefs from growth at any cost to enjoying what we have.

You’ll hear influencers act on their environmental values, struggle, and then say: I wish I had done this earlier. Thank you for getting me to start!

Upcoming guests include

  • Tanner Gers, Gold medalist paralympian
  • Judith Glaser, CEO, Benchmark Communications
  • Jim Harshaw, All-American Division I wrestler

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Episode Zero gives the podcast story:

Learn to make Meaningful Connections

with a simple, effective exercise from my book, Leadership Step by Step.


  • Step by step instructions
  • Video examples of me and Marshall Goldsmith
  • An excerpt from my book

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004: Michael Bungay Stanier, Conversation 1

November 30, 2017

Michael is the Senior Partner at Box of Crayons, a company that helps organizations do less Good Work and more Great Work.

He’s the aut

Michael Bungay Stanier

004: Michael Bungay Stanier, Conversation 1

Michael is a coach's coach. Our conversation became a two-way interview on leadership, values, and acting on them. He both shared openly and got me to

Show Notes

003: Elizabeth Kolbert, Conversation 1

November 29, 2017

Reading Elizabeth Kolbert's haunting The Sixth Extinction was difficult but enlightening. She presents what most people fear facing but is happening around us. We are causing the loss of almost unbelievably large parts of the natural world on which we rely without realizing it---sleepwalking, I would say. Her writing in the New Yorker covers more issues most people are too uncomfortable to learn about: overpopulation, the limits of technology to solve the problems most people think technology will solve, and the like. She presents the issues simply and directly, forcing you to draw your conclusions. I considered it critical to bring a guest so thoughtful and knowledgeable about relevant issues she saw firsthand. Her perspective is difficult to face, but the alternative of putting your head in the sand prevents you from solving the problems.

002: Marshall Goldsmith, Conversation 1

November 28, 2017

I first heard of Marshall Goldsmith when business school leadership class assigned reading the New Yorker article about him in 2005. He became one of my most influential mentors since I met him in person shortly after. His insight and advice have been insightful and incisive---what best friends tell you because casual acquaintances are too nervous to---but simple and actionable. This podcast's practice of leading and influencing people through simple (not always easy) action, not by authority or expecting giving facts to influence behavior, owes a lot to Marshall. We talked about leadership, influence, values, and more. Marshall's advice and views merit listening multiple times to learn from and implement.

Episode 001: Dan Pink, Conversation 1

November 27, 2017

Everyone in leadership knows Dan Pink, his books and his TED talks.

If you want to lead, influence, or motivate people, it's a matter of time until you read or watch something of his. I started with Drive: the Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us, which led me to contact him (and criticize his work, listen to the podcast for the story).

Since then, he's supported my work and was enthusiastic about his personal challenge. As a writer and educator, I indulged in asking him about his technique, so if you're interested in improving your technique and style, you'll hear some great tips from him.

He also talks about his new book, When: the Scientific Secrets of Perfect Planning, so if it's before January 9, 2018, you get a sneak preview.

000: Joshua Spodek, About the Podcast

July 4, 2017

Why I created the Leadership and the Environment podcast, what it does, and how you can help.