Vasectomies aren’t about fewer children. They’re about more sex.

April 10, 2021 by Joshua
in Freedom, Nature, Relationships

When you talk about population as often as I do, the topic of vasectomies and other forms of contraception arises. People think vasectomies are about not having children. They’re not.

A discovery I made about a different surgery will clarify. Almost two decades ago I got lasik surgery for my eyes. One day I needed glasses, the next I didn’t. I thought lasik gave me 20/20 vision, but that’s not exactly right.

I could get 20/20 vision before lasik, with glasses. Lasik didn’t give me 20/20 vision. It gave me freedom from glasses.

Likewise, a vasectomy doesn’t give you no children. You can get no children with abstinence or condoms. Vasectomies give you freedom from condoms. In other words, vasectomies aren’t about fewer babies, they’re about more sex and more pleasure.

Same with some other forms of contraception.

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3 responses on “Vasectomies aren’t about fewer children. They’re about more sex.

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