More than a year since I emptied my garbage

June 14, 2018 by Joshua
in Nature

More delicious, more convenient, more social, more food, more satisfaction, less money, less preparation time, more joy.


Avoiding packaging.

Avoiding packing by at least 90% has reduced my garbage to where I empty it less than once per year.

Me holding a year of garbage

Me holding a year of garbage

Think you can’t do it?

I’m not special. Anyone can do the same.

It took a while to transition—going from emptying garbage weekly to biweekly, to monthly, and so on to annually. It was hard, not impossible, and it improved my life at every step, same as it will with you. I’m aiming for biannually next time.

I empty recycling 2 or 3 times per year, since it pollutes too, nearly as much as landfill garbage.

Reducing consumption reduces pollution a lot more.

And it tastes better, saves money, saves time, and connects me with friends, family, and farmers more.

EDIT: While many respond by saying they feel inspired and find ways to accelerate their waste reduction path, many respond with how they have family, have to travel, or whatever makes them special snowflakes, uniquely helpless. Obviously, I made things work for my life not anyone else’s, so others would make things work for their lives, or you for yours.

Bea Johnson’s videos, her page, and conversation on my podcast show a family of four producing less garbage than I do. She became a role model for me, though I only learned about her after making this video.

EDIT 2: I didn’t empty the garbage that day. I ended up emptying it in September, about 16 months after starting the load.

Here’s the video:

Today is June 14. I still haven’t emptied the garbage since I haven’t had much to add to the bag.

Here’s the opposite of the video:

Plastic on the beach

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