Update: Day 365 of current load of trash

December 25, 2020 by Joshua
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I last emptied my trash on December 26, 2019 so today marks one year for this load. I made a video about the milestone in the style of my first time crossing one year, More than a year since I emptied my garbage, June 2018.

Recall, I minimize waste to live by my values, as a matter of integrity, curiosity, and personal growth. I’m happy if people use me as a role model, but I don’t believe leading by example works with sustainability. People generally respond, “I’m glad you do it, but I can’t.” Their addiction speaks. Separately from living by my values, I also lead. Making this video may lead others, but just minimizing trash I do for integrity.

To see what motivates me, I recommend watching

You’ll notice my refrigerator door open because I unplugged it for the winter last month to use the winter’s cold and fermentation. Lots of other details of my life. I wanted to cover more from my life as long as you can see most of my home, but wanted to keep below ten minutes.

If you have questions I didn’t cover, especially if you want to try, ask the questions below or email me.

In the meantime, I expect to take another year before having to empty this load. Enjoy reducing at your end, along with the connection, community, meaning, purpose, savings in time and money, and so on.

Since today is Christmas, which I understand is about giving, but our culture has mostly turned into materially giving, I suggest that practices like buying less stuff help connect us through more giving and receiving of ourselves by disconnecting the material part, which generates waste that causes suffering.

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