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October 30, 2020 by Joshua
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Here is the wonderful panel discussion we hosted on The Story of Plastic, October 22.

The Panelists

Each panelist has appeared on my podcast. I’ll embed their conversations below so you can learn more about them in the context of sustainability leadership (J. B.’s episode is still being edited, but I’ll post a couple videos I recorded of personal reflections on his book).

  • Eric Adams, elected the 19th Borough President of Brooklyn in November 2013, he previously served as New York State Senator for the 20th District.
  • J. B. MacKinnon, author of The Once and Future World—a bestseller and winner, US Green Prize for Sustainable Literature—and The 100-Mile Diet—a bestseller widely recognized as a catalyst of the local foods movement. Writes for the New Yorker, National Geographic, and more.
  • Bethany McLean, wrote Saudi America, on the business of fracking, one of the main sources of the plastic boom. She also broke the Enron story in Fortune, later writing The Smartest Guys in the Room that became an Oscar-nominated movie. She worked with Malcolm Gladwell to start Pushkin Industries.
  • Dawn Riley, Americas Cup winner who trains Olympians and professional leaders of the sport, protrayed in the inspiring film Maiden about the first all-woman crew in the Whitbread Round the World Race, outspoken on the ocean plastic problem, having seen it grow over her decades sailing.
  • Vincent Stanley, at Patagonia since its start in 1973, currently Director of Philosophy, formerly holding executive roles as head of sales or marketing. Cowrote with founder Yvon Chouinard The Responsible Company. Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment.

The trailer

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