Two touching new episodes from our UK offshoot: This Sustainable Life Untethered

October 31, 2020 by Joshua
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I posted about the start of our UK offshoot to the growing podcast family by Alison May, This Sustainable Life: Untethered a few weeks ago in the post ANNOUNCING: A new offshoot of the Leadership and the Environment podcast!.

This Sustainable Life: Untethered

(Recall we’re changing the podcast name from Leadership and the Environment to This Sustainable Life. Since Alison is just starting, she’s using the new name before we switch. Sorry for any confusion on the name.)

I don’t know how often I’ll share others’ episodes here, but I found her next two posts touching. You might remember her first two episodes were of me.

Episode 3: Alison’s partner of 11 years

One recorded her conversation with her partner of 11 years, Neil. Since I haven’t been with a partner close to 11 years, she took the TSL podcast family to new places of intimacy.

I hear her and him discovering new things together, talking about a vulnerable topic—his fitness journey. His solo part resonated with me. The interaction with her was new. Click here for her podcast page and episode notes. You can listen to the episode here:

Episode 4: Why Alison is starting her podcast

Her next episode is a shorter, reflective solo episode about her values, motivations, and heart: Who am I and Why This Podcast? – Solo Episode.

She opens up about these things. Apparently she’s thought deeply about them. I’m humbled at the meaning and purpose she’s finding and creating, taking her podcast beyond what I would have expected in the first few episodes.

How could I not share? I hope you enjoy, share, and subscribe to hers too.

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