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769: Kevin Fucillo, part 1: An inside view of our community fridge and its volunteers

on July 24, 2024 in Podcast

Kevin and I talk about volunteering at the Chelsea Community Fridge, how it formed, how it’s evolved, and our roles. You’ll hear he’s involved with it more. I was curious to learn about parts I don’t know about. It’s outdoors so it operates 24/7, 365 days a year. New York City has no lack of hungry people, nor places with extra food. It’s insane to see how much we waste,[…] Keep reading →

768: Trish and Evelyn, part 2: The birth of sustainability awards

on July 17, 2024 in Podcast

Trish and Evelyn took the workshop, and neither seriously acted on sustainability before it, so one thing to listen for in this conversation is what people who look at personally living more sustainably sound like. I think it’s safe to say we have fun. Partly we express exasperation at the depravity of our polluting and depleting culture. We also share the experience of our eyes opening to those things. Trish,[…] Keep reading →

767: Andrew Bennett, part 2: Behind the scenes with a New York City chef

on July 15, 2024 in Podcast

If you like food, you’ll love this episode. I shared before how unbelievably delicious Andrew’s food was, even if it were at a top restaurant. But he works at a hospital, so it was healthy too. I almost don’t go to restaurants any more since they just pile salt, sugar, and fat onto everything. I don’t need a stick of butter in every dish. I also tasted his food at[…] Keep reading →

766: Chip Conley, part 1: Learning to Love Midlife

on July 12, 2024 in Podcast

I’d heard about Chip long ago but only met him recently at a launch event for his book Learning to Love Midlife. It resonated since at 52 years old, I was smack in the middle of the part of life he was talking about, after adulthood but before old age. I’ve also been approached by universities with programs for people in their third acts. A big topic is finding and[…] Keep reading →

765: Bruce Alexander, part 2: Can the Spodek Method scale from the individual to the world?

on July 10, 2024 in Podcast

I think I can safely say Bruce and I have formed a friendship, both professional and from similar interests, even though he’s retired and I’m not a psychologist. I learn psychology to help lead. We’re both intrigued by addiction. We both want to improve our environmental situation, not just give in. He likes the idea of the Spodek Method. He hopes it works beyond just one person. He’s not sure[…] Keep reading →

764: Erica Frank, part 2: “No Hairshirt At All.” Instead: Abundance

on July 5, 2024 in Podcast

I rarely get to talk to people who expect living more sustainably to be joyful and rewarding from personal experience, not just hoping for the best. I enjoyed sharing that perspective with Erica last time, I invited her back with no specific agenda. This episode presents conversation between two people who have left mainstream culture and are living more how many people agree we should, but hold themselves back. So[…] Keep reading →

763: Guy Spier, part 2: Limited government, free market, low tax sustainability solutions

on June 27, 2024 in Podcast

I loved where this conversation led. We began by talking about recent news: Greta Thunberg taking a political stand and acting publicly on it on an issue unrelated to the environment. Guy described how he saw this action distracting and undermining her credibility in sustainability. We got to talking about overwhelming tribalism today. In the process, Guy shared views he once held that he overcame, specifically about Apartheid. We talked[…] Keep reading →

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