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368: Chester Elton, part 1: Asking and listening across color lines

on August 3, 2020 in Podcast

You’re about to hear a conversation post-George Floyd by two leadership writers. Normally we write for mostly business audiences. this conversation felt more personal. Normally when a friend introduces a potential podcast guest, we start by talking each other’s work and figure out scheduling. With Chester—maybe given his openness and, I think, mine, as well as the protests raging—we jumped into talking about race and our interactions with people of[…] Keep reading →

367: The Surprising Mantle of Leadership

on August 2, 2020 in Podcast

Here are the notes I read from for this episode: Stand up comedians Growing up in 70s I thought everyone would want to lead, to give I Have A Dream speech of their generation Felt so natural, though universal So until recently felt others could do better, wouldn’t want to compete Dawning on my almost nobody wants to Nobody seems to want to change I expect they’ll be happy to[…] Keep reading →

366: The Cops, Jocko Willink, and Joe Rogan

on August 1, 2020 in Podcast

Here are the notes I wrote and read this podcast from: It’s no secret the tension between police and protesters in this country. I’ve talked to a lot of protesters in my day, having protested myself many times, especially in college. In grad school a post-doc once worked as auxiliary policeman Recently listened to Jocko Willink on Joe Rogan’s podcast. I won’t explain who they are because they’re both big[…] Keep reading →

365: Assaulted again and scammed

on July 29, 2020 in Podcast

Here are the notes I read from (maybe better just to listen): Yesterday two things, I’ll start with second because more poignant. Ran into old friend a few weeks ago, clubbing, Submedia. Met at bar, first time since March, ready to walk away, wasn’t going to order doof. But distant, outdoor, nearly empty. Talking for about an hour, a lot on how I transitioned. Talking about TV show. As an[…] Keep reading →

364: Joe De Sena, part 1: The Spartan Race: Resilience from effort

on July 28, 2020 in Podcast

Joe DeSena founded the Spartan Race and hosts the Spartan Up podcast. For those who know about me and my burpees, cold showers, rowing a marathon, picking up garbage daily, and so on, you can imagine I love what he does. Joe has made it his mission to bring the emotional rewards of joy, service, happiness, resilience, grit, toughness, and all those things to the world by creating a culture[…] Keep reading →

363: General George Patton’s Speech to the Third Army

on July 26, 2020 in Podcast

Here are the notes I read from for this episode. Following pattern of effective speeches and leadership to lead people to love doing things not obviously personally benefiting. If you’ve seen movie Patton, George C Scott delivers a shorter, cleaner, but better acted version. Compare what he’s asking his men to do with what it takes to pollute less What is required of us in environmental stewardship is almost nothing[…] Keep reading →

362: Nelson Mandela: “it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

on July 24, 2020 in Podcast

The actions we can take to preserve the environment are so simple anyone can do them. They improve our lives, connecting us to each other, freeing us from distraction of craving and separation. Role models help. Nelson Mandela worked harder and faced risks greater than any of us need to—if we even face any, since eating more fruits and vegetables and spending time with people close to us improve our[…] Keep reading →

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