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520: Blake Haxton, part 1: This Paralympic silver medalist shares the mindset we can all use to face our environmental crises

on October 15, 2021 in Podcast

I learned of Blake through the mailing list of the maker of my rowing machine, Concept2. Their piece on him described him as a Paralympic bound athlete. I was impressed, but only thought of him as a potential guest on watching his TEDx talk. I think my message to his agent describes what I saw in him and when we talked about in this episode: In Blake’s case, I heard[…] Keep reading →

519: Terik Weekes, Chief Engineer for Elroy Air: The future of electric flight

on October 13, 2021 in Podcast

Should you prepare for a future of clean air travel, curb your flying, or other? I saw Terik speak on a panel on electric flight. As Chief Engineer at a company winning awards for battery-powered planes, he knew what he was talking about. He has to know about the cutting edge of various fields, including batteries, aeronautics, and materials. When the Wright Brothers first flew a heavier-than-air craft in 1903,[…] Keep reading →

518: Killing cities, gardens, and parks, New York’s cruel “Open Restaurants” overreach

on October 11, 2021 in Podcast

Don’t outdoor restaurants sound nice? During the pandemic, New York City allowed restaurants that couldn’t host people indoors to serve them outdoors. Many restaurant owners credit the rule for keeping them in business. We neighbors happily supported businesses in need. The landlords saw the huge profit in keeping this public space for their private property, started raising rents—profiting from a deadly pandemic—and tried to get politicians to give them that[…] Keep reading →

517: Michael Carlino, part 2: Faith, God, the Bible, and Values

on October 8, 2021 in Podcast

Nearly everyone I talk to who works on conservation or would call themselves an environmentalist or something like it treats American conservatives and evangelicals as adversaries, lost causes, hurdles, or even the enemy. They love Katharine Hayhoe for being on their side while also practicing a Texas-friendly version of Christianity. They figure she’ll fix them for them. (We’re scheduling her appearing on this podcast, if you’re wondering). What do conservatives[…] Keep reading →

516: Geoengineering: Prologue or Epilogue for Humanity?

on October 4, 2021 in Podcast

Here are the notes I read from, responding to this op-ed piece and this review for a book I’ve talked to the author about but haven’t read. Geoengineering Prologue or Epilogue for Humanity? Introduction, context Geoengineering is becoming a more common topic as people feel more desperate. The common theme is that when things get serious, we have to put everything on the table, even things that may not work.[…] Keep reading →

515: Chad Foster, part 2: A blind man overcoming the trap of feeling you have to fix the world

on October 2, 2021 in Podcast

Our conversation in this episode starts by covering his commitment from last time. After a few minutes, it becomes apparent he picked a commitment based on feeling he had to fix the world—that is, extrinsic motivation disconnected from his heart. We revisited his intrinsic motivations and came up with a new commitment. Acting on intrinsic motivation is leadership. Your emotions create meaning or not. If you’ve been acting halfheartedly on[…] Keep reading →

514: Jojo Mehta: Ecocide: why you want this law more than you’ve imagined

on September 30, 2021 in Podcast

First, I’m so used to talking to people who don’t act and try to convince themselves and others that individual actions don’t matter, I loved talking to someone inspiring a movement to change international law, making progress, and enjoying the process. If you like meeting people improving the world, you’ll love this episode. If lowering Earth’s ability to sustain life is such a problem, why not just make it illegal?[…] Keep reading →

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