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357: Steven Pressfield: The War of Art and Nature

on July 6, 2020 in Podcast

Steven Pressfield’s War of Art is a perennial bestseller. If you haven’t read it, I recommend reading it, even if you delay listening to this podcast. Well, listen to this episode since it will prepare you. Before I read it, I could not have imagined someone writing it. I can’t think of another book like it. It’s helped countless people start acting on passions. Steven shares how the book emerged—things[…] Keep reading →

356: I was assaulted again this morning. Can I talk about it?

on July 5, 2020 in Podcast

While I was jogging (actually plogging) along the Hudson River around 7:30am, a person not wearing a mask stepped into my path, blocking me, saying the person’s shoes had been stolen. The person seemed to let me pass, but then threatened me and threw a bottle that shattered at my feet as I ran past. I kept running, the hair on the back of my neck standing up and my[…] Keep reading →

354: Harvard Global Health Institute Director Ashish Jha, part 1: Front Line Pandemic Leadership

on July 2, 2020 in Podcast

If you’ve followed sensible, expert advice on the pandemic, you’ve probably read or seen Ashish Jha in the New York Times, The Atlantic, CNN, Washington Post, and everywhere. On Tuesday he testified to the US Senate. He’s Harvard’s Global Health Institute’s Director. Over 200,000 people have taken his online Harvard courses, which you can for free. Over 80,000 took Ebola, Preventing the Next Pandemic and over 120,000 took Improving Global[…] Keep reading →

352: The War of Art and Nature

on June 30, 2020 in Podcast

I loved Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art. I found it inspiring. It had a property that qualifies for me that something qualifies as a work of art: it said something I always knew was true but that I’d never seen expressed that way.” I mention it for two reasons. One, I recorded a podcast episode with Steven the other day, which led me to reread the book. Two,[…] Keep reading →

351: A Rough Day in New York City

on June 28, 2020 in Podcast

Today was a rough day for me in New York. Most of my solo episodes I start with a point. Today brought me down enough that I decided to share more openly some thoughts I get when seeing situations that look hopeless and are deteriorating. I wouldn’t listen to it if you feel down. Normally I try to support others. It occurred to me, I hear almost nothing back from[…] Keep reading →

350: Jonathan Herzog, part 1: A candidate acts with genuineness and authenticity

on June 23, 2020 in Podcast

I haven’t taken political stance because I am working to removing wedge-ness from environmental policy. I’m working for people to see laws about how people affect others through the environment as we view traffic laws. We don’t see red lights as red tape or bureaucrats telling us what to do. They make our world safer even if they slow us down sometimes. One day we’ll see keeping mercury out of[…] Keep reading →

349: The State of the Environment Is The External Manifestation of Our Beliefs

on June 19, 2020 in Podcast

Think of where you are now in two ways—first, how it looked before humans arrived there, second, how it looks now. The difference is our influence, which results from our behavior, which results from our beliefs, values, hopes, dreams, and so on. In other words, the environment is the outward manifestation of our beliefs.

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