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678: My talk to the International Society of Sustainability Professionals

on March 20, 2023 in Podcast

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals invited me to speak to their New York Chapter. Here is that recording. We “whooshed” out the participants’ words, so it’s just my speaking. Their mission is “ISSP empowers professionals to advance sustainability in organizations and communities around the globe.” I described my work, my path to get here, intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation, how you can’t lead others to live by values you live[…] Keep reading →

677: Roz Savage, part 1: It’s Doable and You Can Do It. One Oar Stroke at a Time

on March 14, 2023 in Podcast

Roz could have stopped at rowing solo across oceans to world records, awards, and national honors. She didn’t. She had done those things for a purpose: helping make our world more livable, less polluted. They gave her greater skills to appreciate her purpose and implement it better. As with most people, the challenges looked insurmountable to her. But unlike most people, she had once made a list to row across[…] Keep reading →

676: Paulina Porizkova, part 1: No Filter

on March 11, 2023 in Podcast

One of the most famous supermodels, Paulina needs no introduction. She’s here because mutual friends introduced us and her recent book, No Filter, that tells a different story than you’d expect of the once-most-highly-paid model. As she describes in our conversation, she spent formative years behind the iron curtain, ingraining in her how to thrive with less, not more, which she caries with her until today. She also wasn’t always[…] Keep reading →

675: Derek Sivers, part 1: Leading versus Exploring Frontiers

on March 8, 2023 in Podcast

I bring leaders from all areas to sustainability. The challenges to changing culture to sustainability aren’t in technology, science, journalism, activism, or politics, though all those fields are relevant. Their practitioners generally aren’t skilled in what changes culture: the social and emotional skills of leadership. Most people don’t know that living more sustainably improves their lives, not the reversion to the Stone Age or Mad Max apocalypse our culture teaches[…] Keep reading →

674: Oliver Burkeman, part 1: Time Management and Sustainability for Mortals

on March 3, 2023 in Podcast

Oliver’s book Four Thousand Weeks deserves the incredible praise it gets. I’ve recommended it to many friends and can’t for the life of me put into words how he refines and changes how I look at time, priorities, how to choose what to do, why, and how to feel about it. The best I can come up with is that instead of worrying what I’m missing or craving doing what[…] Keep reading →

673: Jim Oakes, part 2: Can We Go From Abolition to Anti-Pollution?

on February 28, 2023 in Podcast

My passion for the possibility of doing for pollution what abolitionists did to slavery: transform it from something normal, as if part of nature, to forever seen as wrong. The more I learn the difficulty of conceiving of the Thirteenth Amendment, banning slavery, let alone passing it, the more possible a parallel amendment on pollution seems. Jim and I continue our conversation on abolition’s history, mainly from the vantage point[…] Keep reading →

672: Chris Bailey, part 2: How to Calm Your Mind

on February 22, 2023 in Podcast

Bringing back Chris for first time since five years ago. Since then, his last book got big, as we briefly discussed. We started talking about meditation and at a high level, framed the conversation to come on how the mind works, outside our control, though we don’t notice. More framing: we talk about intention and action, meaning and purpose. The topic of his new book How to Calm Your Mind[…] Keep reading →

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