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473: James Suzman: What We Can Learn From 300,000 Years of Human History

on June 12, 2021 in Podcast

Longtime readers of my blog know how much James Suzman’s first book influenced my thinking and views of possessions, community, ownership, modernity, and a range of similar topics. A top question I’ve asked anyone who might know is how populations that didn’t grow despite sharing our biology that has grown exponentially for centuries. If knowing history is wise and knowing history farther back wiser, James’s living with the San Bushmen[…] Keep reading →

472: Big City Andrew, part 1: Traditional Conservative values and stewardship

on June 10, 2021 in Podcast

Andrew co-hosted me on MAGAMedia with past guest Rob Harper, so we’ve spoken there several times, but this conversation is our first one-on-one. We start by talking about our meeting and how talking to each other means talking about issues we normally don’t in our usual circles, but that we enjoy learning from each other, not getting angry despite different viewpoints. We both want to increase meaningful communication as opposed[…] Keep reading →

470: Sustainable Activities: I’m learning singing (my mortifying “before” recording)

on June 6, 2021 in Art, Creativity, Podcast

The average American watches 5 hours of TV per day. Many fly or drive around for fun. If we want to pollute less, will we lose the ability to enjoy ourselves? I’ve written before how Vincent Stanley‘s commitment to turn off his computer Friday mornings and Nicola Pirulli‘s walking me through The Spodek Method led to me turning off all my electronics and practicing singing daily. Since starting, I’ve missed[…] Keep reading →

469: Podcast episode: The Science Book of the Decade: Energy and Human Ambitions on a Finite Planet

on June 3, 2021 in Podcast

I didn’t think of how small my building’s elevators were when I bought a sofa after moving into my current apartment. It didn’t fit. The deliverymen tried to bring it up the stairs too. They made the first landing, but couldn’t make the turn to go up the next flight. They had to take it back. I ended up paying a $300 restocking fee plus big tips for the deliverymen’s[…] Keep reading →

468: Alexandra Paul, part 2: How to Reduce Something (Wasteful) You Enjoy, to Improve Your Life

on June 2, 2021 in Podcast

Alexandra’s commitment illustrates a result I keep finding. People who have acted to live sustainably the most already find new ways to act more than people who haven’t. People who haven’t done much, or acted for extrinsic reasons like an article suggested “one little thing you can do for the environment” instead of intrinsic, say they can’t think of anything. I conclude that reducing polluting is skills you learn, not[…] Keep reading →

467: Frederick Lane, part 1: The Rise of the Digital Mob

on June 1, 2021 in Podcast

A topic making among the most headlines these days are digital mobs and their justice reacting to what people say. I’ve touched on it somewhat in this podcast and on my blog and I feel the risk teaching at NYU, which has kept me from expressing myself as openly as I could in the past. Another way of looking at this phenomenon is that we have become more vigilant about[…] Keep reading →

466: Shaun Donovan: New York City Mayoral Candidate

on May 29, 2021 in Podcast

Shaun Donovan is running for Mayor of New York City. Technically not a national or global position, but in practice it is. Many call it the second hardest job in America. Most New York City mayors affect the nation and world. With a city this size, there are many issues. I focus on two: leadership, which means character and social and emotional skills, and sustainability. Regarding leadership, character, and what[…] Keep reading →

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