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484: John Sargent, part 2: Fun Transforming MacMillan, a Big 5 Publisher

on July 8, 2021 in Podcast

Everyone treat changing corporate culture like a horror show, but John did it. How? Through making it fun. The way most people talk about it, only dictators can change cultures, I’ll trust his experience over their speculation. This episode begins with his reviewing some of how he implemented that change. My biggest takeaway was his focus on people before technology, what they want, and what makes them tick. The result[…] Keep reading →

483: Jane O’Sullivan: Debunking the “Aging Problem” Scam

on July 5, 2021 in Podcast

What happens when populations age? Can you envision a world with a sustainable population, well below Earth’s capacity, therefore living resiliently in abundance per person? I can. Governments and media are petrified at populations shrinking and aging. It turns out they are motivated by reasons that sound plausible. Jane looked at the numbers and found the fears unfounded. She also found industries seeding and promoting the fears, making them scams.[…] Keep reading →

482: Florida’s Condo Collapse, Doom Psychology, and Our Environment

on July 1, 2021 in Podcast

Here is the article prompting this episode: Majority of Florida condo board quit in 2019 as squabbling residents dragged out plans for repairs Here are the notes I read from: Read article about collapse and will read some parts. Everyone has long viewed Titanic as metaphor for man’s hubris over nature. But long enough ago we dismiss. Scale is off. We believe we’re passed those problems from another age. Listen[…] Keep reading →

481: Joe Collins, part 1: From a gang to Congress?

on July 1, 2021 in Podcast

I met Joe when we spoke together on an online panel hosted by I knew he was running for office and anticipated conservative politics, but on the panel, I couldn’t tell, despite the conservative context. I was curious so looked him up more and found an intriguing background and passion. Joe emerged from youth involving gangs to join the Navy, now running for office. He considers the incumbent insensitive[…] Keep reading →

480: Scott Hardin-Nieri: part 1: Scripture to Mobilize Climate Action

on June 30, 2021 in Podcast

I contacted Scott after reading a profile of his work in The Guardian, ‘Within minutes I was weeping’: the US pastor using scripture to mobilize climate action. The story spoke of someone leading by creating meaning and purpose: He’s not alone: across the US, there is a growing movement of religious leaders who are trying to deploy faith as a vehicle for climate action. And Hardin-Nieri’s own journey toward climate[…] Keep reading →

479: Martin Puris, part 1: What’s Wrong With America?

on June 27, 2021 in Podcast

Martin is a legend. How many people craft phrases that become part of everyday language like “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” “The Antidote For Civilization,” and “The Tightest Ship In The Shipping Business”? He comes from a different time in advertising and communication, as he describes in our conversation. I met him nearly twenty years ago. He was considering investing in the company I cofounded, Submedia, based on the medium I[…] Keep reading →

478: Forrest Galante, part 1: Saving Zanzibar Leopards and Other Not Yet Extinct Species

on June 25, 2021 in Podcast

Most of you probably know Forrest for his television shows. He combines the most intriguing parts of being a biologist, an adventurer, and a television star. His passion for each is infectious. Most of all, he loves wildlife. I learned from him first through his new book, Still Alive: A Wild Life of Rediscovery, which gives depth and origins to that passion and love. I can imagine seeing him on[…] Keep reading →

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