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418: Chester Elton, part 2: The world’s number 4 best leadership speaker, trainer, and thought leader

on December 5, 2020 in Podcast

The Global Top 30 Gurus named Chester the world’s number 4 best leadership speaker, trainer, and thought leader, as I happened to find while researching before our conversation. I had to ask him about it, which led to him sharing about it. Naturally, he spoke humbly about it, but we get some inside views of his rarified level of the corporate and government leadership world. (The list named two other[…] Keep reading →

417: Dan McPherson, part 2: Recovering from his heart attack, cutting out water bottles

on December 3, 2020 in Podcast

Between asking about recovering from a heart attack in your 40s and about water bottles, where do you start? As it turns out, they’re more closely related than you think. We started talking about recovering from the heart attack. Dan has faced his mortality several times before, so fear of death didn’t hit him most. We talked more about changes to his lifestyle, particularly diet, which connected with sustainability. As[…] Keep reading →

416: Rod Schoonover, part 1: Resigned in protest after White House tried to delete “basic science” from climate change report

on December 1, 2020 in Podcast

In June and July 2019, you may remember reading about Rod Schoonover in the NY Times, State Dept. Intelligence Analyst Quits to Protest Blocked House Testimony, Washington Post, CBS, and more in the links below. He resigned in protest as a long-time government intelligence and security researcher and analyst, focusing on a field he helped create—climate security. He focused on learning how environmental changes would affect the security of the[…] Keep reading →

415: Marion Nestle, conversation 2: Let’s Ask Marion

on November 29, 2020 in Podcast

Food started me on this journey. If it’s not a major source of joy, community, and connection, the opportunity is there to make it so. Marion Nestle does it. She returned after recently launching her book Let’s Ask Marion, which I consider her most accessible. I read What To Eat, around 500 pages, and loved it, but Let’s Ask Marion is under 200, with quick chapters, though still comprehensive in[…] Keep reading →

414: Nir Eyal, part 2: He committed to avoiding flying before the pandemic

on November 28, 2020 in Podcast

We covered two main points: how I inspired him and how he inspired me. If I’m not too presumptuous to say I inspired him, that is, the first part is about his choosing not to fly. Several months into the pandemic at the time, we were all used to not flying, but when he committed, before the pandemic, most people I talked to called not flying impossible. Some backstory: Nir[…] Keep reading →

413: Michael Moss, part 1.5: Maybe that was the addiction speaking

on November 24, 2020 in Podcast

Michael wrote me the morning before we scheduled this conversation to say he ended up spending more time on the screen when he intended less. He wondered if we should skip it. Longtime listeners may remember similar results with guests Jim Harshaw and Caspar Craven. I told him I’m not looking for a Disney version implying that acting sustainable was easy. I believe listeners engage more with hearing the challenges[…] Keep reading →

ANNOUNCING: From Italy, a new offshoot of the Leadership and the Environment podcast!

on November 23, 2020 in Podcast

Announcing , a new podcast in the growing family from Leadership and the Environment, Conversazioni Sostenibili (Sustainable Conversations), hot on the heels of Leadership and the Environment: Sweden and This Sustainable Life: Untethered. The new one is hosted by Nicola Pirulli, based in Turin. Here is his description of the podcast: Conversazioni Sostenibili è un podcast con un’ambizione: ispirare chi ascolta. Come? Incontrando persone comuni e fuori dal comune che[…] Keep reading →

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