Don’t Mess With Texas: a celebrity-packed anti-littering campaign

December 26, 2020 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature

Did you know the phrase “Don’t mess with Texas” arose from a campaign to stop litter? Neither did I. Check out these videos showing celebrities acting against litter, even picking it up.

Now you can join us in picking up litter, even daily, as I’ve done for years, making it TV for it twice and counting. Note, however, that picking up litter only moves it around. It doesn’t reduce the amount of waste. Not buying it in the first place reduces.

Many waste producers like to suggest managing waste after manufacture can resolve our waste problems. Not even close. Only producing less, even zero, starts solving the problem, though we have to figure out what to do with the plastic and other waste already poisoning Earth.

The value of picking up garbage

Picking up garbage puts you in touch with your world—not the clean world you’d like, but the polluted world we live in. It puts you in touch with your neighbors and culture who produce and discard litter into your world.

It will lead you to consume less waste and stop supporting its production by buying it. Stopping consumption and production is our only route to a cleaner future.

Take Texas’s cue. Pick up litter wherever you go, reduce contributing to its production as much as possible, and lead others to too.

The videos

The campaign’s page features all the videos.

Two famous professional athletes:

A recent news review:

A famous singer, narrated by a voice that sounds like podcast guest Bob Inglis:

I don’t get this one. That is, I get the joke, but the exhaust from the plane, even one time for the commercial, seems to undo the anti-pollution message:

A short one:

A funny one about a kid talking about butts:

They banned famous award-winning actor Matthew McCaonaughey’s spot:

Another news story about the campaign

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