Avoiding food packaging

April 20, 2015 by Joshua
in Fitness, Nature

Something I’ve meant to do as I cut out more prepared foods is to go for a while without buying any food with any packaging. I think it would make an interesting experiment and I’m learning a lot experientially.

starbucks garbage

Starbucks garbage: it’s what they make

I’ve been thinking about how to do it effectively—most consistently, or most something or other.

Tonight I bought some fruits and vegetables at the produce stand down the block, telling the guy three or four times I didn’t need a bag as he kept trying to give me one, I remembered my principle that “I have low standards the first time.” I’d rather try it imperfectly than never get around to something I plan forever.

So I’ll give a shot at buying no food for a week with any packaging and see what happens. Tonight’s broccoli had a rubber band holding the stalks together so I’ll have to start tomorrow. I’ll allow myself to use things I already have. And I’ll allow buying bulk foods when I bring bags with me, which I do anyway. But anything prepackaged is out. I think that means I’ll have to have almost only fruits, vegetables, legumes, and things close to their natural state. I happen to have a bunch of staples like salt, spices, wine, and oil, so my first time won’t be too hard.

I guess I’ll cut out restaurants too. I’ve been bringing lunches of leftovers with me lately so that shouldn’t be too hard either.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes and if I make it.

EDIT: Here are my results:

EDIT2: Here is a preview, a video from my first time taking more than a year to fill one load of trash for my home:

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