Leadership and the Environment Podcast episode #3: Freedom, empathy, garbage, and compost

June 5, 2017 by Joshua
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How much waste do you create that others have to deal with?

The environment involves more than global warming. As my Inc. piece reported recently, we’re producing enough waste that an island in the middle of the Pacific, with no inhabitants and thousands of miles from any city, is covered with plastic and other waste, most of it needless garbage:

East Beach Henderson island

East Beach Henderson island

I don’t know what to call that amount and kind of garbage: sickening? Insane? Irresponsible? Typical of our lifestyle?

Here’s how remote the island is:

Pitcairn Islands

The polluted beach pictured above is shown in red

Maybe a couple pieces of that garbage came from you! … or me.

We both contributed to a system that helped produce it.

In any case, I can’t take responsibility for your behavior, but I can take responsibility for mine. My podcast video today shows the results of my waste habits. I plan to waste less, but I’ve cut my waste down a lot from before.

EDIT: On June 18 I emptied my metal and plastic recycling. I’ll record the next time I empty it too, since I consider recycling closer to landfill garbage than to not consuming something at all. Just because you can reuse aluminum doesn’t mean using it so you can eat a few tomatoes is clean.

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