A reader I inspired inspires me back

June 6, 2017 by Joshua
in Habits, SIDCHAs

Dave found this page a while ago and got in touch with me. He gets the sidcha concept and has been implementing it.

In particular, he’s posted in his blog for the past 100+ days and counting. The other day he wrote me:

Hey Josh,

I recently wrote and published 100 blog posts in the first 100 straight days of my blog, and it’d mean the world to me if you’d read how you helped: http://whyyoudo.it/4-people-motivated-100-posts-100-days.

The 100 in 100 is significant for me because I had written nothing in the previous 3 and-a-half years and writing every day has led to me loving the whole writing thing again. And in fact you’re the person who motivated me to write every day. So even if you don’t know it, what you do and what you write has motivated me and improved my life a huge deal. So thanks a lot.

All my best.


I’m honored and flattered that he mentions me—all the more that he acts on what I share and finds the value in a sidcha that I do.

I noted to him that I didn’t write any of his hundred posts. He did, so I don’t get credit for writing anything. I credit him for the serious work that created the results.

Dave's Why You Do It blog post about 4 people who inspired him, including Joshua Spodek

Dave’s Why You Do It blog post about 4 people who inspired him, including Joshua Spodek

I’m further honored that he mentions me with bestsellers Mark Manson and Ryan Holiday (I only learned about the fourth through his post).

I have to check with him if I wrote “Routine and discipline are GOOD things,” since I try to avoid words that impose values on others, like “good.” I also try to avoid needless words, like things in that sentence. In any case, I agree on the sentiment.

To Dave: thank you for acting on the sidcha principle and updating me on the results. Here’s to another 100 days and the rest of your life of growth and development.


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