Less food packaging = more food variety

October 28, 2016 by Joshua
in Nature, Tips

The set of packaged and unpackaged food is greater than the set of only unpackaged food.

You would think that restricting your diet to avoid packaged food would lower its variety.

I have found, to the contrary, that avoiding packaged food has increased the variety of food I eat.

When companies choose to package food, they seem to choose to make it homogeneous too.

If you want a varied diet, I recommend going to the basics of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and unpackaged stuff. You already know it’s healthier. It’s also cheaper and, with practice, more convenient. If you think it’s inconvenient, that sounds like a lack of skill. The most effective way to develop your skill is to practice. Next time you shop, try buying only foods where you won’t throw away or recycle anything.

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