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December 6, 2016 by Joshua
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I’m scheduling being on a podcast (with Steven Shalowitz of the fascinating The One Way Ticket Show) and Steven and I got to talking about food, flying, and trying new things instead of unthinkingly doing what everyone else does. Or not experimenting at all.

Since I figure you’re here to improve your life, I couldn’t help but share some of our conversation.

I mentioned I’m avoiding flying for a year.

He asked,

didn’t know about the year of no flying. what precipitated it, if you don’t mind my asking? love the idea. at this point i’d like to try a year without tv . . .

I wrote,

Two main precipitations:

The first was my huge improvements in my life of little experiments like that before, mainly avoiding foods with packaging ——and avoiding foods with fiber removed. They sound like I’m avoiding things, but the net effect was much more delicious foods, more variety, more convenience, lower cost, and more enjoyment.

The second was learning how much flying pollutes and my taking responsibility for how my behavior affects others. I forget the numbers, but I remember a transatlantic flight being near to a year of driving. I wish past generations had polluted less so reciprocity suggests I treat future generations how I wish past generations had acted with me. As with the food, what began as avoiding something led me to find more. I don’t miss flying at all. I feel like I appreciate my home more.

Polluting less and eating much more fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and legumes from bulk… a lot of what seems like regular modern behavior starts looking really weird and you start seeing where people’s unhappiness, obesity, and other modern problems come from. People depend on flying for their happiness, which makes them needy for something outside their control, that didn’t exist just over a century ago.

I got rid of my TV a few years ago too. I liked that change, but I’d cut out packaged food and fiber-removed food first. Much more delicious and convenient. Actually, I’d do both since they aren’t exclusive.

Sorry for the long answer. It’s hard to put into words what you learn experientially.

Oh yeah, going for six months without reading the news was another great experiment that improved my life.

He responded,

many thanks for the robust answer — and suffice to say, i need to have a whole separate conversation with you on this! i’m all about giving up things but realizing you’re not giving up anything but gaining

I can’t wait for the conversation!

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