Restaurants make “entertainment for your mouth,” designed for profit, not health. Same with packaged food.

October 17, 2015 by Joshua
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The more I cook from whole vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and so on, the more skeptically I look at companies that prepare food.

Restaurants and packaged foods are designed to entertain your mouth, not to sustain you. If the people behind them have to sacrifice your health for their profit, they’ll do it.

Increasingly I see them as seeking profit at the expense of my health, since what makes the most profit from them is rarely the healthiest food. Whole foods retaining all their fiber spoil fast, probably because they are healthy for other forms of life besides us, like bacteria that break them down, and fiber-removed foods are less healthy for all forms of life.

My mental models about restaurants and sellers of packaged food have changed the more I see them selling what entertains—sugar, fat, fiber-less—not healthy. Also pretty decor. And learning that sit-down restaurants are as unhealthy as fast food restaurants confirms my suspicion.

I may have overstated myself a bit, but I don’t think too much. I still like going to restaurants. They are entertaining—for your eyes and nose too. But the more I get whole foods fresh from the farm and cook, the more I prefer what I make and the more I look at their stuff like a Trojan horse that pollutes too much.

Meanwhile, again, the results are that I’m

  • Eating as much volume of food as ever (I love eating!)
  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • Enjoying more flavor
  • Getting more definition on my abs

and other benefits. Enjoying life is what this is all about.

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