Vegan Seitan Stew, 4 minutes prep time (video)

March 4, 2021 by Joshua
in Fitness, Tips, Visualization

I saw a post on Reddit’s community on vegan fitness that talked about making seitan with a prep time of 90 minutes. I responded

90 minutes sounds insane. I make mine with a prep time of about two minutes.

Add water and soy sauce to wheat gluten, mix with spoon then with hands, cut into pieces.

Then put in pressure cooker with stew for a few minutes cooking time.

Maybe I should make a video.

They asked me to make the video, so I did. If you want to see just the seitan-making part, jump to the 2-minute mark. Otherwise you can watch me make the whole stew. Including talking to the camera, the prep time is about five minutes for about five meals.

I first made seitan a few times starting from wheat berries. I blended them into flour, made dough, and washed away the starch, leaving the gluten behind. That process took probably over an hour, but having done the process in my kitchen, I don’t mind buying wheat gluten from the bulk food section, which reduces preparation time to a couple minutes.

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