Independence from garbage, even on my body

July 4, 2018 by Joshua
in Fitness, Freedom, Visualization

July 4th, Independence Day is about freedom.

Usually political freedom. I’m posting today on personal freedom.

Last month I posted a video on how more than a year’s worth of garbage fit in a canvas bag. I made two videos that day—one with my shirt off to show the result to my body of avoiding garbage. I held off on posting the shirtless one to stay more conservative given my corporate clients.

But today is a day about freedom. I’m claiming mine. It also happens to mark the 13th month since emptied the trash bag. The bag is still not full.

As you’ll hear me say in the video, I used to feel ashamed as a chubby kid and would wear a shirt to the beach or swimming pool to cover myself. Today I’m posting about the freedom from that shame.

Fitness came not from deprivation or sacrifice but from stopping following others values—mainly packaged food and its marketers. Fruit and vegetables from the farm aren’t packaged, nor or nuts, grains, legumes, and so on I buy in bulk.

You know leadership and the environment are important to me. I increasingly see putting garbage on earth and on body similar. The choice to consume manufactured products that cover each with unwanted stuff feels similar, at least to me, and the freedom that stopping consuming stuff that creates that waste is as liberating and rewarding in both domains.

Everyone can decide for themselves what they consider beautiful. For me, I’m now close to what is most beautiful for me. If you differ, great! I celebrate that we have different values and I hope you do too.

Josh without garbage

With the shirt

Incidentally, here’s the version of the video with a shirt that I put on my podcast

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6 responses on “Independence from garbage, even on my body

  1. Looking good, Josh. Your daily burpees have clearly had an amazing compounding effect on you. Don’t ever stop!

    Love how you relate it to zero garbage on your body. Makes total sense!

    • Thank you for the encouragement. Between the calisthenics and diet, I suspect the diet has affected my body more, though both make a difference. I suspect the weights affect my body more. I have a feeling the burpees affect this — — where I was pleased to see my new reading last night, posted at the bottom of that page.

      Beyond the putting garbage on the Earth resembling putting garbage on one’s body, I also see a parallel between picking up litter — one of my sidchas — and removing unwanted fat. While physically the activities don’t resemble each other, emotionally and mentally I see them as similar.

      That is, I expect that someone who wants to remove fat from his or her body can find and develop the mental and emotional tools to by picking up garbage daily.

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