I’m famous for plogging! See me pick up litter while I run on local news.

March 29, 2019 by Joshua
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The winter is over and it’s time to get outdoors running.

Jessica Formoso covered me plogging on WNYW Fox 5 local news last night. You can hear my experience that made plogging stick: I cleaned where I live—my home.

Here’s the video, where you can see me running like an old man. Let me know if you want to join me for some plogging or if you plog on your own.

What’s plogging?

The video explains it, but plogging means picking up litter while you run. I spoke about it on my podcast, episode 120: Rules for plogging in New York City.

Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global quoted me on it in “17 Creative Weekend Routines For a Happier, More Successful Week,” including plogging.

More TV coverage of my plogging

I added this video from a later post:

Earlier Fox coverage

I can’t help sharing another time Fox’s local news covered me, or rather my invention and company I cofounded, in 2002. It may bring back memories if you knew me then or show something you didn’t know about me.

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4 responses on “I’m famous for plogging! See me pick up litter while I run on local news.

  1. If everyone did this even once a month, imagine the difference! It would also bring awareness to each person how much trash we produce and would give an incentive to produce less of it! Thanks, Josh!

    • It starts with each of us — everyone reading these words.

      Beyond awareness, it’s joy, personal growth, meaning, and purpose. Nobody likes garbage littering his or her world. Nor does anyone like complacently and passively letting it happen. Bending over to pick up garbage is a simple way to clean our world and become active.

      We can choose to give in, where that acceptance contributes to the problem, or actively reverse it. Only by doing the little things can we reach the big ones.

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