My latest ecological footprint, according to online calculator: 0.8 tonnes of CO2 annually

February 10, 2021 by Joshua
in Nature

Since unplugging the fridge and a few other changes, I revisited the online calculator I used in my post from a couple years ago, My ecological footprint.

My results: I cause 0.8 tonnes of CO2 emitted annually. I’m happy to have brought it down, but I’m just one person. I intend to help change a system that makes burning fossil fuels so standard and unquestioned. Systemic change begins with personal transformation.

Could I be a role model? I hope so, since my role models helped me reach this level of joyfully living sustainably.

I feel like I live like a king

I can’t remember feeling better any time before. Partly, I miss when my body recovered faster from a tough workout, could run faster, jump higher, and such. And of course I prefer no pandemic or pollution. But my quality of life given what I can’t change seems at its potential.

I don’t find leadership by example works for people changing their habits. People look at someone else not smoking, not eating doof, not taking heroin, or whatever habit and say, “Oh yeah, well they can do it because,” and there they make up “reason” to portray the other as able in a special, unique way to assuage their feelings, “but I can’t.”

I don’t expect sharing the result alone will lead many to change, but it’s possible.

On a related note, I got my latest electric bill. I planned to post my charges on my post I used 2.5% the average American’s electric power last month, but I’ll post them here too:

My use charges—less than $2.00:

My fixed charges:

I should look into going off the grid. If anyone out there has experience installing solar, let me know.

EDIT: Maybe it’s 2.4 tons per year

Another site’s online calculator says I emit 2.4 tons per year. I don’t know how accurate online calculators can be. I presume none assume I unplug my fridge over half the year, so overestimate it. In any case, I pollute more than I need to and can lower it.

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