Official heart rate: 47 bpm. Old man still got it.

May 3, 2023 by Joshua
in Fitness, Habits

I value fitness as anyone knows with my calisthenics and all, as is accessibility, with my focus on bodyweight exercises. Those who email with me may have noticed I included as one of the statistics about how I live my life is my heart rate of 50 beats per minute.

I was at a doctor’s office recently and they took my pulse a few times with a dedicated device, not just me counting and looking at my watch or using a cell phone app. It read as low as 40 bpm more than once, but I only got a picture at 47 bpm, so I’ll count that number as official.

They took an ekg to make sure I was okay, but climbing thirty flights of stairs three or four days a week plus over fifty burpees a day every day will exercise the heart plus cardio days. I won’t lie. I’m proud of the number.

Looking up the blood pressure numbers, it seems 122 is high normal, but the nurse said my numbers were perfect.

Here’s a comparison I saw on some site:

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