Blood pressure normal, pulse: 51 bpm. Old man still got it.

August 18, 2023 by Joshua
in Fitness, Habits

In May a nurse measured my pulse at 47 beats per minute and my blood pressure 122 over 73.

Today one measured my pulse at 51 beats per minute and my blood pressure 107 over 68.

I’d like my pulse lower, but the web says it’s still in athlete level. I’m glad to see my blood pressure normal. I’m not sure which is more important for health between pulse and blood pressure, but both look good.

My BMI is 20.2, which is in the normal range too.

The time is wrong. The measurement was in the afternoon, not 1:17am.

I found this distribution of heart rates. I don’t know how accurate it is or for what population:

I found this distribution of American BMIs over two times. It seems to be rising.

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