Should there be more birds or planes and helicopters, even in cities?

August 18, 2023 by Joshua
in Nature

Today is a regular day working on the my building’s roof, charging my battery. At this moment in the sky I count 5 helicopters, 4 planes, and zero birds. There are almost always more planes and helicopters in view than birds here.

Should there be more birds or planes and helicopters?

As for sound, I hear, as I always do, my building’s heater/chiller for its heating and air conditioning making its loud motor noise. No matter how beautiful the weather, it’s on 24/7/365. My fees help pay for it though I barely use. I also hear what I think is the elevator motor, which I also don’t use. I hear from blocks away in multiple directions several sirens of police, ambulance, and fire trucks. I hear no birds or animals, nor the river or ocean.

I see more buildings than trees. The sky overhead is blue, but brownish yellow on horizon.

I once tried sleeping up here, motivated by a friend who sleeps outdoors once a month. Even at night when no one is using the roof, the lights were too bright and noise too great. Maybe a dozen stars were visible. I couldn’t sleep. I had to go back downstairs. Even the outdoors where nobody is we wreck.

Noise pollution is pollution too.

Light pollution is pollution too.

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