164: Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias, part 1: Olympic gold and Crossfit Fittest on Earth

April 8, 2019 by Joshua
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Anna is down to earth for anyone, let alone a gold medalist and Crossfit champion.

Watch her videos to see the contrast with what she does, her abilities, and how she doesn’t have to be humble. She does something hard, that most can’t do, like a clean and jerk or climbing a rope, then does as many as she can in a cycle with other hard things, to past exhaustion. She shows us what people are capable of, mentally and physically.

I hear from her that she wants people to develop for themselves what she does for herself, community being a big part of it. She talks about the value of coaching — the intimacy and vulnerability in it.

Number one means reaching your potential. If you’re interested in reaching your potential, putting people like Anna in your peer group, not as abstract heroes, I think helps you reach your final goal.

If the environment matters to you, your goal is likely far off with no guarantee we’ll reach it. Anna shares how to survive such challenges and emerge a champion.

As an aside, some guests inspire me, usually on the second conversation, when I hear their environmental activity. Anna inspired me before we spoke. Researching her, I saw that at the 2018 Crossfit games the athletes, not in her division, had to row a marathon on a rowing machine. They all looked happy to do it, so I decided to try it. Never having rowed more than 7,500 meters at once, I first rowed a half-marathon. Then a few weeks later rowed a full marathon.

That’s what happens when you put gold medalists in your world.

Read the transcript.

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