I still took a class after graduation

May 13, 2016 by Joshua
in Education, Stories

I wrote yesterday how I took two classes at the same time second semester senior year, but that by the end I couldn’t keep up. I wanted to add how I ended up keeping up with the class.

That year, my girlfriend’s sports team made it to Nationals and got to stay on campus until leaving to go to Nationals. I was moving back to Philadelphia that summer to start Penn the next fall. Since I was going to live at my dad’s house in Mount Airy until I found a place near school, I preferred staying with her until she left.

After graduation, I went to the lab TA, a graduate student in the physics department, and got a hold of a key to the lab. I had the book. I finished the lab, which was building a few simple computers from circuits after I already finished commencement and got my diploma.

I really loved physics then. I still do. At the time, it was most of what I wanted to do. I also like diving into things and doing them all the way. That’s how I create passion, not by waiting for passion to come to me.

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