Epstein, Weinstein, Trump, the Clintons, and the Sacklers were close

September 22, 2019 by Joshua
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Talking to a friend, I was surprised at how close the richest, most powerful, and scandalous people are. We wondered if all of them were in the same room at the same time.

Try searching “Epstein Weinstein Trump Clinton Sackler”. It’s shocking how close they are. I don’t have to present new information, only to point out how they may well have all known each other.

What does that closeness say about democracy in the U.S.? How does it make you feel about working so hard to make ends meet while the people in authority seem to get money from drugs, engage in sex trafficking, assault, and such?

Here are the top pictures and a few headlines. There are plenty more.

One of the stories I found wrote “From 2001 to 2003, Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane, dubbed “The Lolita Express,” 26 times. Epstein is close to Prince Andrew and was a regular at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.”

I didn’t search for Prince Andrew or Steve Bannon. They showed up for the ride.

What’s happened to us?

It all reminds me of one of my favorite book titles. I haven’t read the book so can’t comment on its content, but the title seems relevant: Are We Rome?

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