Favorite moments in North Korea of my travel group-mates, part 3

January 5, 2012 by Joshua
in NorthKorea

Continuing favorite moments from part 2, yesterday


Joseph said he liked the shooting range most. Here he is at the range.

Joseph at the shooting range, Pyongyang, North Korea


Neil said that the mausoleum holding Kim Il Sung’s body was his favorite moment for the over-the-top rigmarole they put visitors through, making it unintentionally amazing — in particular the giant, full-body blow driers. He described it as over-the-top propaganda and I found it hard to see it otherwise.

I don’t know if words or even pictures could convey the unbelievable unusualness of the place. In any case, they didn’t let us bring cameras in. Taking pictures in the courtyard in front, we crossed paths with a group of middle-aged women also taking pictures, so we all took pictures together.

In front of where Kim Il Sung's body lies


Ingrid also said playing frisbee was her favorite moment for the smiles and how it built happiness. Here are some pictures of her that day, although in most of them she’s interacting with the reindeer, or whatever animal, that someone shepherded by.

Here are a couple other pictures of her enjoying more fun at the tournament.

Mr. Kim

When I asked Mr. Kim, the third of our guides, for his favorite moment, somehow we didn’t understand each other. I couldn’t figure out his favorite moment so here are a couple pictures of him playing kids games with Jordan, interacting how leaders only wish they could, then him looking rock star.

Mr. Kim, looking cool in Pyongyang, North KoreaMr. Kim, looking cool in Pyongyang, North Korea

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