How Psychology Today improved overnight

November 8, 2019 by Joshua
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Psychology Today improved overnight by hiring me!

Today marked my first post. Here’s a screen shot of my profile.

My column is called Leadership and the Environment, subtitled What Everyone Gets Wrong and How to Get It Right.

Appropriate to that title, my first post is the script to my second TEDx talk, posted almost the same time, titled What Everyone Gets Wrong About the Environment, just like my colum. Here’s a screen shot of my first post.

For some history, the title of this post refers to the title of my post announcing my starting to write for Inc., How Inc. Magazine improved overnight.

So watch for my Psychology Today column. I plan to write about the leadership aspects of environmental action–the emotions, behavior, and other psychological angles for why people do or don’t act by their environmental values. In a world where everyone knows the problems are severe and they are contributing to them but nearly no one is acting on them, what’s holding us back and what will motivate us to act seem our most important concerns.

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