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November 18, 2015 by Joshua
in Education

If you like learning, you like learning effectively, which our mainstream educational institutions could improve in.

I’m constantly learning and experimenting to improve my teaching. I think I’m getting a lot better at it.

A tremendous resource and inspiration is my long time friend and founding Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, Chris Lehmann. I normally don’t post TED talks, much less TEDx talks (I find they make people feel inspired but don’t change people’s behavior, which I find a waste of time), but he has changed my behavior—in fact, I learned the foundation of my teaching practice from him and his community. Also, a few months ago I posted videos from John Taylor Gatto, which got me thinking a lot about education and how to improve my teaching, but the more I watched of him, the more I saw him descend into conspiracy theories and other distractions. (I do recommend, however, watching my talk on TED talks, “Every TED Talk ever in 99 seconds“).

Chris becomes more helpful with more viewing. You understand education more and teach more effectively. Instead of watching Gatto, I recommend watching Chris.

So here are two TEDx talks by Chris that I predict will help you learn more effectively. Same for teaching and leading if you do those.


Those talks are fifteen or twenty minutes. If you’re up for an hour keynote talk, you could move on to this one:

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