007: Judith Glaser, Conversation 1: A different environment

December 21, 2017 by Joshua
in Podcast

Judith co-founded the Harvard Coaching Institute as well as her own consulting and coaching firms—Benchmark Communications and Creating WE—through which she has worked with culture-setting companies such as Apple, Burberry, and Donna Karan. She’s written seven books, including multiple bestsellers. She’s on the board of Expeditionary Learning. And more, so if credentials are important to you, she has them.

Yet she’s almost counter-cultural in her way of going against the mainstream grain when it holds her or her clients back.

Yet she’s friendly and approachable. Since she lives a subway ride away from me, I met her in person, which made our conversation more friendly and behind-the scenes.

I’m nerdy and look at the world more conventionally than she does, so we’ll see a different way of looking at the environment, science, and nature than my usual way.

She talks about her big breaks, making mistakes and rolling with them. She walks through how to use her books and materials.

You can see how she’s gotten great clients and speaks to such prominent organizations

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