009: Tanner Gers, Conversation 2

December 31, 2017 by Joshua
in Podcast

Do you want to improve your life?

… and enjoy doing it?

I usually don’t laugh out loud at people talking about the environment, but Tanner made me.

Listen to Tanner’s second conversation to hear how a master approaches a modest challenge, makes it fun, makes it bigger (if it’s fun, why wouldn’t you), involves others, and keeps building.

He shares what makes him a top athlete, husband, and all-around fun guy. He’s no more or less human than anyone.

We talk about challenges, successes, Navy SEALS, and what makes a person and life great. It all starts from plastic bags, the awareness that comes from paying attention to how you affect others, and acting with integrity.

Where to improve your life

If you want to improve your life, you have to act and experiment. Part of the deal is sometimes you mess up. You can’t escape messing up. No one can.

So practicing in your relationships, your work, or with family can lead to greater repercussions than you can handle.

Acting on the environment is a safe place to experiment. You can try changing your diet, using public transportation, bringing bags with you to the store, buying less stuff, and so on without much risk.

You still develop integrity, discipline, and so on, which you can then apply everywhere in life.

And you still clean the air, land, and water we share.

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