043: Ken Blanchard, Conversation 1: We’re here to help each other

May 8, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

21 million books sold among 60 titles—including one I remember from my mom’s shelf as long as I can remember—a lifetime of research, speaking, and consulting, and more.

Since I don’t often get to speak with people who have achieved so much, I was torn between acting like a fan and speaking to him like a regular guy. I hope I balanced them by sharing my One Minute Manager story at the beginning, then talking servant leadership.

Ken just released his latest book, Servant Leadership in Action, compiling lessons from top leadership thinkers and writers. He spoke about the book, the people in it, and their stories. More than one has been on this podcast, so click the link to find which.

Ken shares increasingly valuable wisdom as the podcast goes on, so I recommend listening to the end. There is no substitute for experience (why I teach experientially) and Ken has more than nearly anyone.

Read the transcript.

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