049: David Allen, conversation 1: Creating work of enduring value

May 29, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

In our first conversation, David and I talk mostly about creating a work of enduring value. As David says, the way to keep you book so high up on Amazon is by writing a great book.

If you want your work to endure and for people to follow, creating quality work is how to do it.

David shares about his years of developing, rewriting, and creation, as opposed to get-rich-quick marketing so prevalent today. Without pretense or affectation, we bring in historical masters like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Mozart.

Want to be a great leader? You can learn from present-day and historical masters.

On the environment, he shares a common issue—that when you’ve already changed a lot to live by your values, it can feel harder to find new things.

Many Americans compare themselves to other Americans, see themselves polluting relatively less, and let go of their values. Since Americans pollute more than nearly any of the billions who have lived since the dawn of humanity, that’s about the lowest bar you could use for your integrity.

So if you feel like you have everything covered, listen to David, his challenge, and how he grew from it in conversation 2 to come.

Read the transcript.

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