102: Col. Everett Spain, West Point’s Head of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

November 23, 2018 by Joshua
in Podcast

Many who serve in the military become leaders in business, politics, entrepreneurship, sports, and many other places.


What does the military teach so well?

Few people can answer better than Everett, as the head of West Point’s leadership department. To say he and his department have extensive experience and knowledge leading and teaching others to lead is an understatement. You’ll also find few people more calm, gracious, friendly, patient, and helpful.

I consider his voice eminently helpful to environmental causes because I see the lack of effective leadership to the greatest impediment to effective environmental action.

If you want to improve your leadership, this conversation will tell you all you have to do. You may have to listen many times, but you’ll hear what it takes. Implementing will take a long time, but I’m not aware of shortcuts.

We cover how to learn to lead and what West Point does that you can emulate.

Read the transcript.

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