124: Guilt Free

January 23, 2019 by Joshua
in Podcast

Before acting on my environmental values, I felt guilty and helpless. I didn’t like those feelings. All the analyzing, raising awareness, and planning, I now look back and see that I was occupying my mind, making busy work for it, to distract myself from those feelings. I could feel I was doing something even when I wasn’t.

I kept trying to ascribe the cause of the guilt and helplessness to others, but it didn’t go away. It couldn’t, because they were purely internal: my behavior was inconsistent with my values. No blaming others or waiting for awareness or planning or analysis would change that conflict. On the contrary, they kept me from addressing it.

Today’s episode tells my emotional journey liberating me from guilt, blame, and insecurity, replacing it with determination, expectation of success, and action.

Read the transcript.

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